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End of Short* Hiatus

* For very generous definitions of short!

After almost two full years off from this project, I’ve decided it’s time to return, mostly because my head is full of a bunch of thoughts I’d like to structure and get out there. Also, I think I’ve managed to work out the work-life imbalance that was making side-projects difficult.

I plan on posting about Government of Canada regulatory reform efforts and contrasting and comparing our approaches with various international jurisdictions. Additionally, I’m very interested in the modernization of the public service and our open government efforts. Finally, I’ve been reading some great books lately, and will probably post some thoughts as I did with my review of “Simpler: The Future of Government” by Cass Sunstein.

Thanks for all the interesting discussions, coffees, and support over the last two years. Look forward to jumping back into the ongoing conversation.

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