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Business Days Calculator

Practicing social distancing and living in a one bedroom apartment with your husband, while both of you try and work and spend twenty-four hours a day together is an interesting experience, to be sure.

Cody and I wanted to take a weekend and build a project together as our fun version of doing a puzzle together. In the regulatory affairs world, and even in the greater public service, a lot of time is expressed in terms of business days. “We will respond to the client in five to eight business days” and “The Minister’s office needs a minimum of five business days to review and approve dockets,” for example.

What exactly is a business day? Our working definition was “Any day that is a regular working day (Monday to Friday) excluding federal public holidays.

Over the past years I have spent many hours with my finger on a calendar directly counting business days. I’ve always thought there was a better way. That’s when I started using an Excel spreadsheet. Even then, that didn’t help my coworkers and wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

An so, the Business Days Calculator was born. It does the following three calculations:

  • Given a start date and end date, calculate how many business days are between them;
  • given a start date and a number of business days, calculate the end date; and
  • given an end date and a number of business days, calculate the start date.

Feel free to use it for whatever purposes you want. Feel free to grab and host a copy yourself, it’s relatively straightforward javascript directly in HTML. Cody and I developed the tool with code by OscarGarcia and have licensed it under CC BY-SA 3.0

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