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Distributed Regulatory Policy Paper Template

During my time in Regulatory Affairs, I have been building up a policy paper template to help program areas undertake and document the required initial analysis required for the development of regulatory amendments.

While this template is currently in production, I think there is substantial room for improvement and I’ve been looking for the best way to get input from other policy analysts to ensure that this template is the best product it can be. Additionally, analysts from other departments can bring their various experiences to the table to ensure that we end up with the best possible template possible.

I determined the best approach for sharing the template widely and being able to accept input from a variety of sources would be to convert it to Markdown and host the template on github.Currently, the template has ten major sections:

  1. Issue
  2. Objective
  3. Background
  4. Options Analysis
  5. Detailed Description of the Regulatory Solution
  6. Stakeholders
  7. Impact Analysis
  8. Timelines
  9. Legal Considerations
  10. Risks and Other Considerations

I started work on this template over a decade ago and have tried to keep it updated with the latest changes to Government directives and policies. I hope that by publishing this template that we can reduce the duplication of efforts as each regulatory affairs team tries to create their own templates. Additionally, comments and changes by other analysts will improve the quality of the template for anyone who wishes to use it.

If this seems like something that might interest you, please take a look at the Regulatory Policy Paper template on github. If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with GitHub, or have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. I’m more than happy to help.

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